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Unidirectional Flushing Program

Addison has a comprehensive unidirectional flushing program to properly maintain the Town's water distribution lines and ensure that our water remains at its superior quality rating from the State.

What is Flushing?
Flushing is a process by which water is moved through a water pipe at a high velocity so that a scouring action is created. Water is then discharged through a hydrant which, in turn, removes any material build-up from the pipe.  Material removed in this process is harmless and requires no special treatment.

Why are we flushing?
Since water mains are sized to allow adequate and safe flows for fire protection, water typically is moving through the underground pipes at less than 2 miles per hour. This slow movement allows mineral deposits to accumulate in pipes over time. The buildup can restrict water flow in the pipes and contributes to corrosion and water color problems. Periodic flushing removes the mineral deposits and is critical to maintaining water quality and the water system.

Is flushing a waste of water?
Flushing is preventative care.  The amount and cost of water used in flushing is minimal and a fraction of the cost of repairing lines and pipes from lack of maintenance.

How will I be affected?
You will probably not even be aware that flushing is taking place in your neighborhood. Flushing is generally conducted between 8 am - 4 pm, Monday through Friday. Select hydrants will be opened for water pipe flushing. While the hydrants are open, customers on that block may experience discolored water or a small drop in water pressure but water service should not be interrupted. If you have no water pressure, please notify Public Works at 972-450-2871 as soon as possible.
What if my water is discolored?
Should a reddish, yellow or brown tint to the water appear, do not be alarmed. It is recommended you do not use the water or do laundry for about two hours. After two hours, run your faucets for a few minutes to make sure the water is clear and then resume normal water use. If water does not clear within a few hours, please notify Public Works at 972-450-2871.

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